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12 sierpnia 2022

NR 30 (Sierpień 2022)

How to make a smooth transition back to school after summer holiday

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Holiday is slowly coming to an end and the thought of an imminent return to school creates tension for both students and teachers. Despite the fact that we have rested for the last two months, we are getting irritable and apathetic, have trouble concentrating and are tired of performing simple tasks. In order to minimise the symptoms of post-holiday stress syndrome, it is necessary to properly prepare for the return to daily duties. Perhaps the following suggestions will help: Don’t bite off more than one can chew.

For the first days of the new school year, plan such activities that do not require much effort from you. Leave ambitious projects for later and take the time to gradually return to your duties. This will help you avoid burnout at the very beginning of the school year.


Do something for yourself and focus on physical activity

Instead of burning yourself out during the first days of school, it is definitely better to motivate yourself to do something that can be good for your health. It is not just about a better balanced diet and giving up junk food. After holiday it is easier to make resolutions about our habits. It is worth taking advantage of this mindset and choosing to be physically active. Endorphins, or happiness hormones, which are released during sports can provide us with a good dose of good mood which we lack when we face the grey reality after returning to our daily duties.

Find a new hobby

If you are not a fan of sports, you can find some other activities that will allow you to get away from ev...

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